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Elan Series 2

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  • Elan S2:

  • For those of us of a certain age, our first introduction to the Elan was watching Emma Peel of the Avengers TV series. She actually used two cars, a white S2 and a metallic blue S3. The S2 added some refinements, such as a lid for the glovebox and established the car as a commercial success. It cemented the favourable reviews the Elan received in the motoring press worldwide and helped Lotus profits rise, as Chapman had hoped.


  • In mid-1965 unit 4915 was the first Elan to be given the Type 36 prefix with the introduction of the Coupe version. These early cars of what became known as Fixed Head Coupes (FHC) are distinguished by the lack of air grills on the pillar behind each window; they are referred to as Pre-Airflow cars and for some enthusiasts are the purest form of the Elan. In late 1965 the factory developed a 115 bhp engine for the Elan, giving it an increase in power, servo assisted brakes and a close ratio gearbox, calling this version the SE (Special Equipment), and available at extra cost. At the same time all Elans now came fully carpeted, thus adding appeal to a new target audience of professionals, as well as enthusiast owners. 1,911 S2 cars of all varieties were produced at Cheshunt.

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