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Elan Series 3

Elan S3.jpg

Elan S3: In June 1966 Lotus Sales Director Graham Arnold got what he wanted with the introduction of the S3. The car gained further refinements, including such luxuries as electric windows, which required window frames to be fitted to the doors, revised bodywork, full width teak finished dashboards and other changes. At the same time the Type 45 Elan made its debut. It was the Drop Head Coupe (DHC) version of the S3. Elans always had black interiors, though a small number, probably no more than 30 S3s, were fitted with red interiors; now very rare, of course. Speak to the men at the factory building and testing Elans at this time and they tend to agree that the S3 was the best of all versions of the Elan. It certainly sold very well for Lotus and, by the time production ended in May 1968, 2,084 cars had been built.

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