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Elan SS

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Elan SS: By the middle of 1967 the motor industry, particularly in North America, was coming under attack from safety campaigners such as Ralph Nader. Safety features had to be built into new cars and this preceded an upgrade to Elans. However, as an interim measure Lotus produced the SS (Super Safety) version of the S3, principally for the North American market, though some SS Elans were sold in the UK. They had flush fitting instruments, were fitted with the later style rocker switches, with red as opposed to the later white lettering, and had collapsible steering columns and inward facing wheel spinners, as well as several other features. Some cars had all of these items, others just a few, in typical Lotus fashion! Unit 7400 was the first SS Elan and they were phased out after the introduction of the S4; some 350 to 450 having been produced.

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