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Elan S4

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Elan S4: The S4 was introduced to refresh the Elan design and incorporated a slightly different body, with wider and squarer wheel arches to accommodate marginally larger wheels and by now universal radial tyres. The dashboard was changed to incorporate flush fitting rocker switches and several other improvements made. The Federal Elans got seats incorporating a vestigial head support. These changes were introduced as a result of safety legislation and by way of keeping the Elan at the front of sports car sales. The new series hit dealer forecourts in late 1968, unit 7895 being the first S4. Around this time Steve Sanville, Lotus engineer and his team worked up a SE twin cam engine to produce 124 bhp, by use of a D-type camshaft (based on that used in the Climax Stage III FWE engines), higher compression ratio and changed jetting and chokes to the Webers. This rare engine did find its way into some production Elans, for which the H prefix to the engine number was used. In early 1969 Stromberg carburettors replaced Webers, which necessitated a new cylinder head incorporating a different intake manifold and a bulge built into the bonnet to clear the dashpots. Why the change? Apparently purely for cost reasons. However it proved to be fortuitous as Federal cars had to comply with anti-smog control measures; Strombergs were thence fitted to all Federal Elans for the rest of production, though domestic cars returned to Webers in 1970. In all 2,778 S4 Elans were made.

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