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The Chapman Era Lotus Elans

The Classic Lotus Elan Register web site aims to be the virtual repository of all Lotus Elan related information, archived appropriately, openly accessible and free to use. The CLER will always act in the best interests of the Lotus marque and future generations of enthusiasts and historians.

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FHC at Airport
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A Bit of Background


  • We are delighted to be able to announce the soft launch of the Classic Lotus Elan Register (CLER).

  • So, what is CLER?

  • CLER is a credible, detailed and interesting library and collection of Elan related information provided through an openly accessible, free to use web site. We shall always act in the best interests of the Lotus marque and future generations of enthusiasts and historians.

  • CLER has several aims:

  • To establish a web site devoted to the Elan, available for global viewing, that is principled, vibrant and interesting

  • To bring together as much accurate and verified information concerning the Lotus Elan, of all types (26, 36, 45 and 50) as can be obtained

  • To act as a repository and archive for original paperwork related to the Elan, gathering as much as people are generous enough to donate

  • To build as full a register as possible of all Elans, building and maintaining histories of individual cars

  • To be the source for originality of Elans, thus assisting those who may be rebuilding or researching the cars 

  • To act as a focal point for the organisation of events relating to the Elan

  • To build trust amongst all Elan enthusiasts and demonstrate that an enthusiasm or interest in Lotus cars should be open to all

  • To open a dialogue and engage with likeminded enthusiasts to encourage furtherance of our aims, including the Lotus company, Lotus clubs and Elan enthusiasts throughout the World worldork w Anniversary of the launch of the Lotus Elan. We would be happy to receive your expressions of interest via the email address below. More details coming along, very soon!

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